July 16, 2019

What is Remarketing?

What is remarketing? It's a fundamental building block of modern digital marketing.
What is remarketing? It's a fundamental building block of modern digital marketing.

Remarketing services allow you to reach out to ‘almost’ customers. These include:

  • People who visited your site, checked several pages, but didn’t buy.
  • People who went as far as adding products to their cart, but didn’t check out.
  • People who used a free trial of your service or sent off for a free sample but didn’t sign up.

Why Remarket?

They’re often considered high priorities for marketing, as they’ve already shown interest once.

It’s a safe bet that they want a product like yours. Your goal is to convince them to buy from you and not your competition. If you can be at the front of their mind when they make their decision, you’re likely to get the sale. And remarketing is a great way to do that.

What is Dynamic Remarketing?

Most likely, you’ve already seen the effects of remarketing. Have you ever clicked away from a product page on an eCommerce site, only to find that when you glance through your social media, you can see a picture of that product and a link to the site? That’s remarketing.

Emails from a company alerting you to your full but unpurchased shopping cart are also remarketing.

Those examples aren’t just remarketing; they’re dynamic remarketing. The difference is the extra personalisation of showing you the product you were interested in. Regular remarketing just advertises the site you’d been visiting.

The two biggest players in the remarketing world are Google and Facebook (especially if you include Instagram with its parent company).

Close the Sale

Remarketing is a cost-effective way to close sales. The vast majority of the leads targeted are high-intent shoppers. It’s just a question of short-circuiting the decision process by giving them another chance to make an impulse buy.

Why spend money on that? Well, to get there before anyone else they may have been looking at beats you to it.

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