January 31, 2019

Now is the Time: Valentine’s Day & Paid Ad Campaigns

he Price of Romance: Paid Ad campaigns built around Valentine's Day are about to go into high gear. Are you ready to compete?

With less than three weeks to go before Valentine’s Day, we’re approaching the perfect point to launch your romance-driven paid search campaign.

February often sees an increase in Amazon Sponsored Ads and Google Shopping advertising budgets for just that reason – browsers are more likely than ever to convert to customers, so your potential return on investment is much higher.

But are you ready to go?

Valentine’s Search Patterns

Right now, millions the world over are just beginning their browsing for Valentine’s Day presents and plans. Their customer journey practically hasn’t started yet, and many of the queries will be very broad – but people do their research at different rates. Orders will start to be placed and purchasing rises to much higher levels.

By the 4th – ten days before – final decisions are being made by the thousands, and romantic purchasing starts to rise to a peak. If your business benefits from romance, you’ll want your paid ads to be in place or you risk being buried under the competition.

The absolute peak comes one week later, on the 11th – although you’ll still see higher orders than usual until the 14th, when the last panicked ‘I forgot’ and ‘my first choice was delivered late’ purchases will be made.

(Fast-responding Amazon sellers with products available on Prime stand to take advantage of the last-minute panic on the 13th. If you’re ready to pack and ship on a Sunday, expect a busy, profitable day!)

A Commerce Calendar

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important dates on the ‘commerce calendar’. Your paid ads should always be ready to take any special dates into account, launching or increasing campaigns to cash in on the opportunity.

If you’re not sure you’re prepared for them, why not check in with Cloud Seller Pro? Our expert team will be happy to prepare you for these big events and support your sales through the rest of the year.