April 25, 2022

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csp 5 reasons to outsource digital marketing

5 Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing

Small business owners often wear several hats: HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Sales and so on. But you know the old saying about being a ‘Jack of all Trades and Master of None’ … There’s some truth to it!

What are the high value activities you should be focusing on and what could you be outsourcing?

Outsourcing some of your business operations is not without its risks or financial implications, but usually, when you hire an expert, you get access to skills and experience that are expensive to hire in-house. Here are five reasons you should consider hiring an expert and outsource Digital Marketing.

1. Specialist knowledge

Digital Marketing is a complicated business! Technology is constantly evolving. Remember the Nokia 6310 that was the bee’s knees when you got it? Well it wasn’t long before it was replaced with a newer, swankier model and your hot new technology suddenly became a thing of the past. It’s the same with Digital Marketing and keeping up with the latest advances across the many platforms takes a bit of work.

Marketing agencies know a thing or two about their industry. They live and breathe Marketing and their knowledge is unrivalled. Sometimes you just have to leave it to the experts!

2. Time savings

Is managing your company’s Marketing really the best use of your valuable time? Business owners often spend much of their day focusing on the operational and financial aspects of their business. After all, you might have great Marketing but if you don’t get the products out the door or ensure that revenue is collected, then what’s the point?

Getting bogged down by the intricacies of managing your Google, Amazon or other online ads can be distracting and take your attention away from more urgent matters. Ultimately this approach can end up costing your business more than an agency’s fees!

3. Digital Marketing agencies succeed when you succeed

Marketing agencies offer varying pricing structures, from retainers to project-specific fees, to commission-based arrangements. Some agencies operate on a commission basis and only receive payment if your business does well. So, their success is entirely dependent on yours.

A set percentage commission structure is the simplest way to ensure that you only pay for successful outcomes. This ‘shared success’ style arrangement gives you the peace of mind that the agency has your business’ best interests at heart, not just their own.

Because performance based pricing models such as these do not incur a fixed cost, campaigns can grow or shrink according to the business requirements. While you may wonder why anyone would want to reduce or pause a campaign that is working well, consider how some businesses have grown significantly over the covid pandemic, forcing them to temporarily reduce sales while stock is replenished or backlogs of orders are cleared. A flexible model allows you to reduce or increase spend, and consequently, demand for your products, at times when the market peaks or dips, giving you full control over your costs and allowing you to control the demand for your products.

4. Agencies have extensive experience

Any agency worth its salt has a team with years of experience under its belt. Can you honestly say the same for yourself? Rather than floundering around with systems which you aren’t familiar with, or muddling through because you think you’re saving yourself a few quid, remember that there are experts with substantial experience who can do all of that, and more, in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it yourself. Not only does it save you time, but it will be better quality and more cost-effective for your business.

5. Digital Marketing agencies have other Benefits

Agencies have access to all manner of skills, technologies and software which the average businesses could never justify purchasing themselves. While these programmes might not be cost-effective for an individual business to use, as an agency customer you can benefit from them without the associated subscription fees!

From specialist analytical software to copywriting talent, to industry insights and competitor research tools, agencies offer so much more than just ‘Marketing Management’. And you won’t get any of these benefits from the DIY approach.

So, if you’re struggling with your online Marketing, you’re using an agency that isn’t quite cutting the mustard, or you haven’t even started yet, why not have a call with one of our experts to discuss how Cloud Seller Pro’s service could benefit your business.

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