February 21, 2023

Listing for Success on Amazon: Our Essential Tips

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How can sellers increase listing success on Amazon? Beth Watson, our advertising and marketplace expert, gives us her three top tips.

Today, Amazon has over 281,000 sellers in the UK selling over  600 million products. It has become the go-to marketplace for practically all sellers and buyers. It also has the largest brand recognition and has become one of the most trusted platforms for ecommerce transactions. According to Cybercrew, 86% of people in the United Kingdom shop at Amazon. Despite having its own series of data breaches, these number less than those of competitors, meaning trust among users has remained high. So, with so much competition, how can sellers increase listing success on Amazon? Beth Watson, our advertising and marketplace expert, gives us her three top tips.

1. Get descriptive

Perhaps the best step you can take to get your listings higher on your customer’s page is being as descriptive as possible. Whether it’s weight, height or product colour, ensure that your product description and title is as detailed as possible before you list your item.

2. Ensure quality, and quantity

Ensuring that your products are listed with lots of quality photos is absolutely essential when ranking on Amazon. For Beth, this should be no less than 5. Ensure consistency across your profile and shoot with a neutral/white background. Remember, light is your friend! Other amazon photo tips include;
• Keep the image resolution high
• Pay attention to the product size
• Show different angles of the product
• Use a tripod or a steady surface
• Avoid placing additional items with the product.
Where possible, don’t be afraid to use video content to show your product in action.

3. Get on top of your A+ content

A+ content is a feature on Amazon that allows sellers to create enhanced, detailed product descriptions and images to showcase their products to potential customers. It is designed to help sellers increase the visibility and appeal of their products on Amazon, and to provide customers with more detailed and comprehensive information about the products they are considering purchasing. Creating quality A+ content that can address the queries and concerns of your customers is a great way to rank higher on Amazon. Use A+ content as much as possible, and try to produce A+ content for each of your products.

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