Google CSS

We offer a Free Google Self-Service or Associated CSS to Cloud Seller Pro customers.


Google CSS Solutions

For Web Retailers and Agencies

A FREE Self-Service Google CSS for our Cloud Seller Pro Customers

As an accredited Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Service), we can provide the same service to our customers as Google Shopping Europe (GSE). Unlike GSE, we don’t charge 20% of the value of each click.

Why Choose Cloud Seller Pro CSS?


Free of charge: No hidden fees, no charge per click, no subscription fees


Fully compliant: We are compliant with all Google terms & conditions


Ease of contact: If you want to get in touch with us, it’s easy – and responses are quick

Free Google CSS

Contact us today to join our Free CSS service for Cloud Seller Pro customers.

Save Money with a CSS

  • How Does it Work?

    The Cloud Seller Pro team have decades of experience in the changing landscape of PPC and performance marketing. We’ve worked in this evolving market long enough to understand not just what to do, but why.

    Everything we do starts with our customers. We listen to what you want and need, then use our expertise to drive your sales. Whether you want to increase ROI, grow market share, or push specific brands or products more effectively, we can make that happen for you.

  • Did You Really Say Free?

    Yes, we did. We believe in the other services we offer which is why our CSS is free of charge to all Cloud Seller Pro customers.

  • Better Google Shopping Campaign Results

    With that 20% of each click back in your pocket, you can adjust your campaign to make better use of your budget.

    Reduce spend, increase ROI, or both!

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    Simply sign up as a Cloud Seller Pro customer and ask us to associate your Google Merchant Centre to our CSS.

  • Do You Have Access To My Data?

    No, we don't need access to any of your account data including Google Ads, Google Analytics, or the Google Merchant Centre.

    Your information remains completely private to you. We only need your product feed so that we can add your products to our comparison website.

  • Reliable and Risk Free

    There are no hidden fees and no long minimum times with us. You can move to another CSS at any moment.

    Our CSS is a reliable platform for your Google Shopping, no more and no less.