June 14, 2021

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day

CSP Amazon Prime Day June 21st 2021 blog

Amazon Prime Day – is it worth it?

Amazon is embarking on a massive push for Prime Day on the 21st of June. On this day, customers who’ve signed up to their Prime service and have spent £10 in the two weeks leading up to Prime Day, will have their accounts credited with £10.

It’s being spun as a way of thanking UK small business owners who sell on Amazon. However, many of you will be wondering, ‘what’s the catch?’ and ‘how much effort should we throw at it?’

More customer traffic

There will undoubtedly be more customer traffic and plenty of noise around Amazon as they run promotions here and in the US. Prime Day 2020 was one of the two biggest days ever for third-party small businesses on Amazon with a 60% revenue increase from Prime Day 2020 compared to 2019. Sellers in 19 different countries participated in Prime Day 2020. Therefore, saving a big chunk of Amazon’s 150 million Prime members an estimated $1.4 billion dollars due to discounts. Customers will be online, actively looking for deals with a ‘high intent’ to buy.

If you’ve registered – and you’ll need to be – here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • You need to be offering a 20% discount or higher
  • The product needs to be Prime eligible
  • These are good for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) launches and brands, less so for customised products.
  • Prime-exclusive deals give a second prime badge during the event
  • You can do Lightning Deals that last between 4 to 12 hours
  • You can take part in the earlier lead-up sales & discounts too. Therefore, competitors are less likely to overshadow you on the day!

Not registered or eligible to participate at this time? Instead, you can at least benefit from the huge increase of Amazon users who will be looking to purchase items throughout the Prime Day lead-up and the actual 2-day event.

If you need a boost, want to talk to us about a campaign for Prime Day, or any other day, then contact us today.