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Your ad agency not getting the results you want?

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If you’re using an advertising agency for Google Shopping or Amazon Advertising but they’re not getting the results you want, we can help. Unlike other agencies, there’s no management fee, no contract and no minimum spend. We have a unique pay-by-results service - that’s why you only pay us for the sales that we generate. Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    We’ll audit your agency’s performance along with your products, pricing and website.

  • 2

    If our review team believes we can improve on your current performance, we’ll sign you up!

  • 3

    We collect your product data for cleaning and optimization.

  • 4

    After evaluating your data, we determine campaign structure, bidding, budgets and targeting.

  • 5

    We then build your campaigns in alignment with your business’ strategic objectives.

  • 6

    We’re ready to relaunch your advertising!

In contrast to other agencies, this is a pay-by-results only service; you only pay us for the sales that we generate. We can also help with Search Ads, Paid Social Media, Display ads and Dynamic Remarketing.

No Contract · No Set-Up Fee · No Minimum Spend


“I have been delighted with the service”

Zoe Easteal


“Highly Recommended”

Phil Potts


“Could not fault Cloud Seller Pro”

Samantha Walkden


“Great company with results, highly recommend”



How we helped WatchNation increase sales!


WatchNation was born out of the philosophy that satisfaction is derived from wearing a timepiece which you choose to wear because it’s right for you, not because of the brand or the pricetag. From humble beginnings in a New York bar in 2015, to the successful business it is today, WatchNation is a perfect example of e-commerce done well.

Not long into the journey to where they are today, WatchNation recognised that outsourcing digital marketing would free up time within the business and put the advertising into the hands of experts in the field of e-commerce; that’s when the decision was taken to enlist the help of Cloud Seller Pro (CSP).


Google Shopping adverts now drive over 80% of retail search spend, so it’s no wonder that this was one of the services which drew WatchNation’s attention towards CSP. Not only do CSP have their own Google CSS, but they are also one of just 50 Google Channel Sales and Technology Partners in the UK.

Having worked with CSP for over 2 years now, WatchNation reports a significant improvement in revenue since becoming a partner and gives the CSP service a five star rating.

CSP is the UK’s only payment-by-results service of its kind. With no contract, no set-up fee and no minimum spend, it’s an obvious choice for e-commerce companies who wish to grow their business and can help with:

Google Shopping

Amazon Advertising

Search Ads

Paid Social

Display Ads

Dynamic Remarketing

And their response...

“We are very happy with the support that Cloud Seller Pro has offered!”

Keiran Quinn, WatchNation

Remember, there are no hidden fees!

We only take a percentage commission on your sales when you succeed – that’s it. So there are no hidden fees, no sneaky charges and no long-term commitment.

Google Shopping
Amazon Advertising

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Our Success Fee

Up to £k

We take 5% of Sales per month

£5k - £k

We take 3% of Sales per month

£15k - £k

We take 3% of Sales per month

Over £k Sales

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Google Shopping and Amazon Advertising

No contract

No set-up fee

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“Highly recommended”

Phil Potts

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