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Stand out with eBay Promoted Listings Standard & Advanced

eBay has been busy fine-tuning their Promoted Listings program, and have introduced a new level of service.

eBay is now offering two different levels – Standard, for those who want to display more information on their listings while also having control over promotion text; and Advanced, which allows you greater flexibility with what ads appear next your product or auctions. In addition, it gives advertisers higher priority when placing adverts onto the site.

  Listing type Pricing model Keyword control Placement Benefit
Promoted Listings fixed-price cost per sale no across eBay, including all search and listing pages maximum coverage,
no risk
Promoted Listings Advanced fixed-price cost per click yes top slot in search highest visibility,
budget + keyword control

Promoted Listings Standard will remain a cost-per-sale model so you’ll only pay when you sell. eBay’s new cost-per-click campaign type, Promoted Listings Advanced, offers preferred access to the top spot in search results, across eBay on desktop, mobile and on the eBay app. It will also offer keyword selection, and provide the control to help increase sales.

Benefits of eBay Promoted Listings Advanced...

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Top of Search

eBay’s Promoted Listing Advanced is designed to give preferred access to the super-visible, high performing top spot. One in five purchases start with a listing that appears at this very position on the search results page!

Strategic Keyword Control

We bid on the keywords that matter to you. Therefore, selecting keywords that ultimately help you achieve your business goals.

Enhanced Budget Control

This cost-per-click model lets us determine exactly how much each keyword and click is worth. Also, the daily budget feature enables control over how much money allocated for ads for this campaign. Therefore, by targeting towards your business needs, you get higher ROI than other advertising methods!

Insights for Optimisation

Product listing, search term and shopper insights provide important campaign optimisation indicators to inform both current and future Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns.

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