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Migrating from GA3 to GA4

The Future of Ecommerce Data

The current go-to tool for ecommerce businesses is being phased out and replaced. We explore how the latest version of Google Analytics (GA4) enables for a more comprehensive ...
Shopify blog set up and why it is critical for ecommerce success

Shopify’s blog setup and why it’s so critical to ecommerce success

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform that many businesses thrive on but it is also a blogging platform that is designed to help you sell products and services. ...
master customer experience with shopify and klaviyo header image

Master customer experience with Shopify and Klaviyo

With so many platforms out there, for both ecommerce websites and email service providers, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your business. We ...
Listing for Success on Amazon - Header imgae

Listing for Success on Amazon: Our Essential Tips

How can sellers increase listing success on Amazon? Beth Watson, our advertising and marketplace expert, gives us her three top tips. Today, Amazon has over 281,000 sellers in ...
Shopify vs WooCommerce

The great platform debate: Shopify vs WooCommerce

If you’re setting up or redesigning your online shop, what platform should you use to host it? Anyone who has done even the most cursory research will have ...
Make or Break header photo for CSP

Make or break your ecommerce business with this non-negotiable

Data, it really is everywhere. Whether it’s indicating how many spaces are left in England’s “smart” car parks or tracking at-risk snow leopards in Tajikistan, the use of data ...
Webinar Graphic - How Your Business Can Turn Organic Traffic Into Effective Leads.

How Your Business Can Turn Organic Traffic Into Effective Leads

Content marketing is an essential marketing tool for any business and can bring a huge audience to your website. So how do you take advantage of this increased ...
Webinar Template - Why Do You Need a Blog For Ecommerce

Future Proof Your Ecommerce Brand: Why do you need a blog for Ecommerce?

Blogging is a staple of content marketing strategies for good reason. It works, and it works extremely well. Despite this, so many businesses are not taking advantage of ...
Why do you need content marketing?

Future Proof Your Ecommerce Brand: Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

The world of eCommerce is evolving, and having a strong digital content strategy is now no longer just important for your business to grow and succeed, it is ...
CSP What is content marketing

Future Proof Your Ecommerce Brand: What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a powerhouse marketing tool that has become essential for any online business to grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. This list of Frequently Asked ...
Amazon Prime Day Article with woman pointing to speech bubble

Primed and Ready: Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day?

Unlock more opportunities on Amazon Prime Day with our top tips. In a flash, Amazon’s highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day is nearly upon us. With so many retailers striving for ...
csp 5 reasons to outsource digital marketing

Partner your way to success!

5 Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing Small business owners often wear several hats: HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Sales and so on. But you know the old saying about ...
csp website that converts visitors 5 top tips

Is your website losing you sales?

How to build a website that converts visitors into customers Whether you’re looking to launch your first website, want to completely redesign your existing site, or simply want ...
csp ebay partnership

Cloud Seller Pro Announces New eBay Partnership & Service

Cloud Seller Pro has announced that they now support eBay’s newest cost-per-click advertising strategy – Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA. This allows brands and merchants the opportunity to maximise their ...
CSP Amazon Prime Day June 21st 2021 blog

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day – is it worth it? Amazon is embarking on a massive push for Prime Day on the 21st of June. On this day, customers who’ve ...
eBay’s Spring Seller Update

Be ready for eBay’s Spring Seller Update

Make sure you are ready for eBay’s Spring Seller Update! In 2021 eBay’s Spring Seller Update contains “new opportunities to help you grow and enchance your Ebay businesses”. ...
Black Friday eCommerce

Black Friday 2020 – Top Tips

Make the most of Black Friday: top tips for eCommerce Retailers It has been a turbulent year for retail, with no clear sign of normality on the horizon. ...
csp Free Google Shopping listings

Google to offer Free Google Shopping Listings alongside Paid

Google recently announced some big news – they are now offering free Google Shopping listings. In an article titled “It’s now free to sell on Google”, Google’s President of ...
Just how much can customer reviews boost Google Shopping performance?

Are You Showing Customer Reviews on Your Google Shopping Ads?

Showing customer reviews on your Google Shopping listings is a proven way to increase the number of clicks from search users. It can also improve your conversion rate. ...
New alert shows recent issues in Amazon Sponsored Product Reporting. What do you need to know?

AmazonWatch: Issues with Amazon Sponsored Product Reporting

Amazon is in the headlines for several reasons this week, and we’ll cover some of the others soon. This story, though, affects Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. For Cloud ...
Carefully designed Google Shopping campaign structures will bring in high volumes of clicks for a low cost per click.

Google Shopping Campaign Structure

In the fourth and final part of our Complete Guide to Google Shopping, we take you through building your campaign, handling bid management, and how to make promotions, ...

Optimising Product Feeds for Google Shopping

The third instalment in our Complete Guide to Google Shopping will take you through optimising your product feeds, identifying poorly-performing products, and more. Making sure Google Shopping receives ...
Google Shopping changes how it handles GTINs and other unique product identifiers.

Changes Ahead for Google Shopping: GTINs & Accelerated Delivery

While we’re in the middle of our complete guide to Google Shopping, it’s clear that releasing it instalments was the right choice – as announcements from Google mean ...
Don't let inaccurate data prevent you from making the most out of Google Analytics referrals reports.

Get the Most Out of Analytics Referrals: Payment Gateway Verification

Your Google Analytics is one of the best tools you have for improving your eCommerce performance. Among many other things, it can: Identify which promotional campaigns are bringing ...
Sell your inventory faster by setting up Google Shopping for your eCommerce site.

Setting Up Google Shopping

Last week we took a close look at Google Shopping, its history, its future, and why you should use Google Shopping to sell online. That was just the ...
Why use Google Shopping? A guide to marketing your products online.

Why Use Google Shopping?

Google doesn’t release the exact number, but is willing to tell us that over two trillion searches are made every year. That means somewhere around 5.5 billion searches ...
Sainsbury's Deliveroo Partnership clashes with Amazon

Weekly eCommerce News Round-Up: 20-26 July

Internal and external disruptions and problems for major brands mark most of this week’s biggest eCommerce headlines. What might you need to know to make the right business ...
What is the Amazon VAT Calculation Service, and how can it help you?

What is Amazon VAT Calculation Service?

Amazon Sellers in the UK and Europe are starting to receive emails about the Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS). This new service will be available to any Amazon ...
DHL Freight announces a Christmas courier surcharge to fund the training of 500 new drivers.

Weekly eCommerce News Round-Up 13-19 July 2019

Following Prime Day at the beginning of the week, many businesses are announcing their preparations for the future. Our top headlines include: DHL Prepare for Christmas with Courier ...
Amazon is the centre of a new EU antitrust probe.

AmazonWatch: New EU Probe Launched

The European Commission launched a formal investigation into Amazon today. Its focus is on how Amazon interacts with Amazon Sellers. The antitrust proceedings are being headed by Margrethe ...