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Amazon advertising couldn't be easier! When you succeed, we succeed – that’s why we only charge a percentage commission on your sales. No hidden fees. No other charges… and no long-term commitment.

Success Fee

3% of Sales

per month

up to

Success Fee

2% of Sales

per month

£50k to

Success Fee

1% of Sales

per month

Sales over

Looking to grow your Amazon Sales? Cloud Seller Pro is a special eCommerce marketing agency and we are experts in gaining greater exposure for your products through Amazon advertising - to deliver increased Sales, Revenue & Profits!

Amazon and Google advertising free set up

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Go-live within 7 days

Google and Amazon advertising campaigns

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Inventory Analysis/Audit

Amazon advertising keyword research

Keyword Research

Campaign management

Campaign Implementation


Ongoing Analysis & Optimisation

Google and Amazon advertising performance

Campaign Performance Reporting

Amazon Advertising Campaigns

We work with you and tailor our approach to suit your goals. We’ll generate you the greatest market share at the lowest possible ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

Sponsored Product Campaigns

We can operate any or all of several sponsored brand campaign types which will improve your visibility, getting your products high up on the first page of search. Auto campaigns are successful in their own right and provide valuable insight into top-performing products and key terms.

We then use this data to inform our manual campaign builds and optimisation. These can target key terms, specific products (including competitors’ competitors).The increase in traffic to your products often improves your rankings overall - with significant improvements to the position of organic listings.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Available to those who have gone through the brand registry process on Amazon, these offer greater security and control of your brand's products across Amazon. These feature custom ads targeting specific key terms, similar to manual campaigns. They’re shown as a form of banner ad (depending on the platform), within searches for these terms, and are customisable to show your logo, showcase products, and a tagline which best describes your brand message or products.

Shoppers follow these ads through to your store or product's landing page, opening up your whole product range to potential purchasers.

Amazon Vendor

Vendor campaigns work alongside and complement your Amazon Advertising/Seller Central Advertising. They will increase your overall impression share throughout Amazon as a whole, ensuring you reach as many high-intent browsers as possible.

Campaigns work in much the same way as on Amazon Seller Central, but use the stock Amazon have bought from you and listed, rather than your store inventory.


CSP has only been working on my account for 4 days and the results are incredible – and I am not a guy who is easily convinced and I want to see results. The coming weeks are exciting and I am looking forward to see what Beth can do for my company.

Rakesh, Mr Watts Lighting Lamps


Helping Your Business Grow

Our proprietary system has helped many clients achieve a 50% improvement or better in their Cost Per Sale. Those savings could drive more sales, buy more stock, or be invested into business stability and growth.

We’ll help you to build your customer base and reach more of your potential market with our Amazon advertising services.